Industrial Rail Line

Palmetto Railways is planning for the development of an industrial rail line to serve the Camp Hall Commerce Park in Berkeley County, South Carolina. The new rail line will connect Camp Hall Commerce Park to existing railroad right-of-way, near the Santee Cooper Cross Generating Station in Berkeley County. Palmetto Railways will construct, own and operate the rail line, which is expected to open the door to greater economic development efforts to support the state of South Carolina.

Field Data Notice
Pursuant to Section 28-2-70(C) of the South Carolina Code of Laws, notice is hereby given that entry by personnel of Palmetto Railways and their agents will be made in the Camp Hall Rail project initial study area on public and private properties for such purposes as topographic surveys and environmental-related studies and for the gathering of any other data necessary for the planning, development of location alternatives, design, property acquisition, and construction of the proposed Camp Hall Rail project. The project team is currently gathering information in your area to better understand existing conditions of the environment. Field personnel will be in the project area beginning approximately two weeks from the date of this notice through the summer and will strive to minimize inconveniences. View the full Field Data Notice postcard.

The purpose of the Camp Hall Rail Project is to:

  • 1Provide access to an inland network to spur continued economic development.
  • 2Support Camp Hall Commerce Park in Berkeley County including its primary tenant, Volvo, and future industries.
  • 3Facilitate development of the entire Camp Hall Commerce Park area.
  • 4Provide alternative means of freight transportation for tenants of Camp Hall Commerce Park.

Please visit this website often to find out what is happening with the project and how you can stay involved.